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The Typical Pinoy Breakfast…

20 Sep

Being in the United States for nearly two years, I somehow got used to the lifestyle that they have here.  It is very different from where I came from.  When I got here, I always tell my husband that this place is empty.  Why?  Because I haven’t seen anybody walking down the street.  Yes the place is clean and looks pretty.  The traffic rules are strictly being followed.  The houses are wide and spacious.  All in all, it’s a luxurious place for me.  But there is something missing.  I think it’s missing a life.  Or is it just me?  I don’t know.

I miss the Philippines.  Really, I do.  I miss the noise, the busy streets of Pasig, even the chismosos and chismosas along the neighborhood, but most of all, I miss the Pinoy food, which I am going to talk about today, particularly, the typical Pinoy breakfast.  What is a typical Pinoy breakfast?  Why is it different?  What is so good about it?  Yes, I am going to try to answer those questions as I go along.

A typical Pinoy breakfast is really very simple.  It is usually consists of fried rice, fried eggs, some side dish vegetables, and fried meat or dried fish.  Then of course you have to have coffee, the best coffee is kapeng barako, oh boy I miss that so bad.  But my favorite is tsokolate, or hot chocolate drink.  Some breakfast will consist of bread which is of course, the legendary Pan De Sal.  I am pretty sure that every Pinoy who are outside the Philippines miss this somewhat sweet and somewhat salty bread.  I do, at least once in a while.

Now, why is the Pinoy breakfast different?  Well, I think it’s because, we, the Pinoys, are heavy breakfast eaters.  Here in Louisiana, or at least in our house, the breakfast will consists of fresh milk, cereal, and coffee.  But not everybody eats breakfast.  My husband took a while before he got used to eating breakfast.  I tried eating cereal with milk, but I easily got tired of it.  Pinoy breakfast is still the best.  Today, I actually had a Pinoy breakfast.  It consists of fried rice, fried egg, fried meat loaf (but I wish I had tinapa or tuyo), and chopped tomato, then I sprinkled it with some green onion.  Doesn’t it sound good to you?  And then I ate it with my bare hands, now that’s Pinoy na Pinoy!

What’s so good about Pinoy breakfast?  I really don’t know.  All I know is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that the typical Pinoy breakfast is not something that you would get tired of easily.  Have you heard about tapsilog, tocilog, or longsilog?  Those are the most common Pinoy breakfast combos which are so popular because those are so good.  Now I’m ready to go back to the Philippines. :)

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  1. Filipino Food Recipes | Breakfast 09. Feb, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    I am often to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. Me too, I’ve been here in the US for nearly 2 years. I have same sentiment like you have.

  2. Karen Salvador 19. Feb, 2011 at 4:06 am #

    Nakakamiss ang pinas di ba? Kahit na sabihin mo pang antrapik, andaming tsismosa, crowded, maingay, ayos lang, nakakamiss pa rin…


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